Raiders Leader Paul Revere Dead at 76

Paul Revere, organist and ringleader of the long-running rock band the Raiders, passed away October 4th at his home in Idaho, the band’s official website revealed. Revere was 76. No cause of death was revealed, but TMZ reports that Revere (born Paul Revere Dick) battled with cancer over the past year. Thanks to his colorful clothing and infectious stage persona, Revere earned a reputation as “the madman of rock & roll.” He and his Raiders scored a handful of hits throughout their five decades together, including their anti-drug smash “Kicks.”

Paul Revere and The Raiders perform on the TV show "Summer Place" taped at Paradise Cove in Malibu, CA (Photo by Ron Wolfson/WireImage)
Paul Revere and The Raiders perform on the TV show “Summer Place” taped at Paradise Cove in Malibu, CA (Photo by Ron Wolfson/WireImage)

In a long letter written to Revere on the band’s official website, the organist is remembered from a fan’s perspective. “Like most people, my initial introduction to you was on television, radio and records, but none of those mediums gave me a real clue to the one-of-a-kind

Meet Prince’s New All-Female Band, 3RDEYEGIRL

Being able to improvise is a prerequisite for playing in a band with Prince. The music icon never performs the same show twice, and is even known to deviate from his rehearsed set list. So his backing musicians have to be prepared for the unexpected.

Guitarist Donna Grantis, drummer Hannah Ford Welton and bassist Ida Nielsen, who form Prince’s new female band, 3RDEYEGIRL, have learned to read his cues.


“A big part of playing with Prince is to know all his material,” Grantis tells Yahoo Music during a telephone interview with the band. “He likes to switch it up. He might go apart from the set list we have. We have to pay attention. If he wants to stop, he might start something else. He’s a great arranger, master of arranging songs on the spot.”

Having a background in jazz prepared the ladies for such spontaneity. “What’s really cool about this is the girls and I came into this camp with years of training and studying, more specifically jazz,” Grantis explains. “We all studied jazz

After a series of cryptic album teasers and new songs, Weezer have begun streaming their new album Everything Will Be Alright in the End on iTunes First Look one week ahead of its October 7th release.

LAS VEGAS, NV - SEPTEMBER 20:  (L-R) Musicians Brian Bell, Rivers Cuomo, Pat Wilson, and Scott Shriner of Weezer perform onstage during the 2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on September 20, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

“On the surface, the name is optimistic,” frontman Rivers Cuomo recently told Rolling Stone of the potentially ominous album title. “But you’re not 100 percent sure how sincerely to take that. Those last three words can’t help but remind a sensitive reader of the end of themselves, of Weezer, of the world.” He went on to muse, “Part of me feels like, ‘Wow, this is bleak.’ But another part is like, ‘You can’t get rid of us that easily.'”

But Cuomo has plenty to do before the end is nigh. In August, news broke that the Weezer frontman has been working

How Can A Female Vocalist Take Care Of Her Voice

Are you a female vocalist? Then most definitely you would want to take good care of your instrument – your voice. You must always keep in mind that to take care of your voice, you must first know how to take care of your body. It is important to avoid any situation or activities that will expose your body to any stress, fatigue or injury. You must also know what foods are good for you and which ones you must avoid. For you to be able to perform in your optimum level, always remember to eat well, rest at proper times and vocalize in the right way. Healthy habits are a crucial aspect in the maintenance of your voice and the quality of your performance.

A female vocalist should always keep herself hydrated. This is one of the basic but important things a singer should know and do. One of the most important parts of the body of a singer is her vocal folds. We produce sound through the vibration of our vocal folds. These vocal folds should always be lubricated in order for it to vibrate efficiently. Drinking lots of water will help lubricate these

What Are The Steps To Become A Top Female Vocalist

Are you dreaming of becoming a well-known female vocalist someday? There are a couple of things you must do and consider to become one. As with any other profession, it takes patience, talent and a lot of hard work to achieve your dreams. Becoming a singer does not happen overnight. A lot of famous female singers have gone through a lot of auditions, failures and effort before they got to where they are now. Learn what these singers did and try to follow their footsteps if you are really serious in taking singing as a career. Take some voice lessons, write your own songs and develop your own style of singing.

The first step to become a top female vocalist is to hone your singing voice. Take up some lessons or enroll in a music school. You will learn how to take care of your voice as well as your singing range. You can also learn a lot about music itself so you can produce your own songs later. There are also articles online that you can read about taking care of your voice. Have your own style of singing. It is good to look up

Australia’s Beating to the Rhythms of Shaun Tarring

Australia’s beating to the rhythms of Shaun Tarring and soon the Sydney Opera House will be too. On November 16, 2013 the Sydney Opera House and isowmail, the world’s first personal email system, is proud to welcome world music artist Mahmood Khan. Joining Shaun Tarring and Mahmood Khan will be some of Australia’s great musical talents including Tamasin Howard, Australia’s new singing voice. Live music will be provided by such artists as Mike Chin known for fusing the digital with the spiritual, Joe Manton, where bass knows no boundaries and Maharshi Raval, Australia’s most prominent tabla player. Such an extraordinary amount of talent will be present at the concert that it would be tragic to miss this amazing once in a lifetime experience, an event that whether you are young or just young at heart, should be treasured by all.

This concert is so much more than just a combination of incredible and amazing musical abilities, but it is also a reunion for the six highly talented musicians. Back in August of 2011 Mahmood Khan, was joined by Shaun Tarring, Mike Chin, Tamasin Howard, Joe Manton and Maharshi Raval for a live music performance of Mahmood’s

Cyndi Lauper A Singer Who Has Stood The Test of Time and Above All Is The Ultimate Storyteller

When an artist has the sustainability to last for over 40 years there are many things that give her credibility. In talking about her various awards I think it’s important to discuss what made them noteworthy.

In 1983 Cyndi released her first solo album titled She’s So Unusual. It became a worldwide hit and was the first female album to chart four singles from the same album to the top-five on Billboard’s Hot 100 list. The album earned her a Grammy for Best New Artist.

Those four singles were “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”, “Time After Time”, “She Bop”, and “All Through The Night.” At this time music videos were in the early stages of development. By choosing good directors and giving them her input, her videos were exceptionally well done. In 1984 the video for Girls won for the Best Female Video at the MTV Video Music Awards show.

In terms of Cyndi’s body of work let me start by saying that Cyndi is a great story teller. In writing or co-writing with another artist she gives a lot of thought to the verses in her songs and that gives much meaning

Women of a Certain Age Rock to Bruno Mars

I wonder if Bruno has any inkling about how much Spanx is in his audience each performance? Now keep this in mind. Not only women with sagging body parts pull on Spanx but so do many of the young women of today. I read an article in the Wall Street Journal the other day that Spanx is actually causing consternation within the pick up world. A girl looks great in a skin tight dress or skinny jeans, hot guy at the bar wants to take her home, but oops, sorry, got to go to the little girls’ room… to remove my Spanx! But I digress. Bruno Mars. My sister and I love concerts but actually haven’t been to one together in a long time. Our first big concert together was seeing the great “Purple One”, Prince, in his Party Like It’s 1999 and Little Red Corvette days. Sheila E. had the percussion gig. My sister and I both feel, to this day, that Prince’s concert was the sexiest one we have ever been to. My husband questions our sanity when we say this to him. He says, “that little twerp is not sexy.” I say, “Oh, yes,

How to Pick the Right Musical Instrument for You

You may already know about how powerful music can be. People sing different songs every day and enjoy listening to it throughout the day. Instead of getting distracted, some believe they are better at what they do when there’s music in the background. Others find the soothing sound of music to be effective in putting themselves to sleep.

For these reasons, music enjoyment is considered essential to the well-being of people. So many passionate musicians around the world, novices and professionals alike, enjoy singing or dancing to music. There are some who want to enjoy their favorite tunes more intimately by learning to play an instrument.

If you are trying to become the next most admired musician of your generation, it is high time for you to start learning to play a musical instrument of your liking. How do you decide on which to learn, you ask? Here are some tips you may want to consider:

1. Pick the one that excites you.

People who are happy and successful in what they do believe that you can never become too good at doing what you love to do. The same principle applies to

How To Get Gigs As An Electronic Musician

Getting to play gigs is not just about having a great set. Although you should have your live set put together and ready to go, if you have no where to play then nothing is going to happen. It should be pointed out at the beginning of this is article that having great music very rarely has anything to do with getting gigs. Of course having a quality product will certainly help but it is not the most important factor.

There are two scenarios that you will most likely encounter when trying to find gigs. The first is dealing directly with the owner of the venue while the second is dealing with a promoter who is already running a successful event and is looking for acts to fill the night. The two scenarios each have their own advantages and similarities.

When dealing directly with the owner of a bar or club it is important to keep in mind that their main concern will be making money through the sale of drinks. They will not necessarily be interested in the music but the possibility of bringing in paying customers. Therefore it is important that you are

The Popularity of Latino Music in the US

One of the countries that have experienced immense influence from tropical music elements is the U.S. Today, the American music scene teems with a high number of Latino artists from both the homeland and naturalized immigrants who carried with them the distinct elements of Hispanic music into American soil. The American music industry has managed to find harmony with the different influences drawn from Hispanic artists as well as learning from the rich diversity associated to Latin American musical culture. Even though there might not be a lot in written detail, the entertainment scene has a slight recollection of what Latino music and its artists are capable of.

Thin line between

Arguably, the American audiences have not been able to differentiate or identify the thin line that demarcates the almost similar sounds and styles of music from the Hispanic culture. To many, these genres pass off like many others as long as there is a Spanish touch in the lyrics. From the distinct Andean sounds to Spanish spiced rhythms from Argentina, Cuba and Chile. There is of course the heaving intoned Afro Caribbean touch that is all over the Latin American region. However, it is

How To Market Christian Songs

Not long ago marketing Christian songs was simple: find a Christian music publisher and sign on the dotted line. The publisher offered a contract, you signed and they did the marketing to the top Christian record labels. Case closed.

The Internet, cable TV and social media has changed that, especially in just the last year or two. So at this time in history how do you get your song working as God intended, to inspire fellow Christians and hopefully save souls?

First, what type of Christian song did you write and what do you need it to do for you? Do you have a profit motive? Do you want to make a living writing Christian songs or use the profits to further your ministry? Or do you not care about making money?

Is your song in the “worship music” category? If so it might be marketable to churches.There are about 350,000 church congregations in the U.S, with about 59 million Christians in attendance weekly. If you can successfully get your song played regularly in even one church of every 50 you’d have a huge success on your hands.

What genre does your song

Path of Success for an Unsigned Artist

Many consumers who love to sing or play a musical instrument may believe that they may be the next ‘Michael Jackson’ or ‘Taylor Swift’ but do not know how to go about being successful in the entertainment world. There is a plethora of resources in the market to help these aspiring unsigned artists to be famous over time.

Market options

The Internet offers a plethora of websites that take on unsigned artists to provide a platform for these musical hopefuls to hit big in the entertainment arena. These websites open the doors of opportunities for aspiring musicians and singers to try out their talent to the desired market. This is a cost effective approach where aspiring singers not signed with any music recording company yet can try their luck at stardom.

It is usually very difficult to get into the music industry as an artist with the plethora of talents waiting outside the doors. The myriad of recording companies in the market seems to be insufficient to cater to the large numbers of musical talents at every nook and corner across the world. There seems to be no clear cut formula for success in

A Boost to Music Lovers With a Bose SoundDock Music System

Music lovers today would be pleased to note that an enhanced music experience is possible with the popular Bose SoundDock music system in the market. With this device, there is no need to attend musical concerts while still enjoying the best of music and songs at their preferred environment.

Modern choices

Modern music lovers and enthusiasts are choosing modern choices on music systems that allow them to enjoy their favorite tunes anytime with the availability of iPods and iPhones which can accommodate this feature. Today, more and more consumers are checking out the Bose SoundDock music system in digital technology.

The Bose brand is renowned as a market leader that is consistent in its technology progress and product developments to produce new and advanced musical gadgets and accessories of high standards and quality. The Bose sound systems are intricately designed with the latest cutting edge technology to ensure its competitiveness in the industry as well as benefiting consumers in their expectations and demands for high quality sounds in their music listening experiences.

So far, the Bose brand is synonymous with quality and style to capture a big market share of satisfied consumers with

Music Students and Their Levels of Ability


Music teachers often generate credulity when they are fortunate enough to produce a talented and successful pupil. I believe that it often takes more teaching skill to coach less talented ones although making manifestly less spectacular progress but with at least as much effort (and often a great deal more) on the part of pupil and teacher.


For the less gifted and ones with learning difficulties it is important to correctly estimate their true potential as far as possible. The teacher needs special qualities of understanding and much patience. The pupil must be set achievable goals and given much commendation and encouragement for their efforts, even for relatively little progress.

I have found it useful to write down for them an outline of the lesson in their notebook, explaining clearly the work set for the week ahead – often just a few bars and a little theory. I try hard to target areas of strength to promote in them a feeling of self-worth, this obviously helps their confidence. Weaknesses can be worked on and overcome very gradually. I often use very simple primers

The Guitarist’s Quest for Absolute Zero

While this article is entitled ‘The Guitarist’s Quest for Absolute Zero’, you could just as easily substitute musician, artist, or even just human being for guitarist. A scientist will tell you there is no such thing as cold. Scientifically, cold is defined as the measurement of the absence of heat. Absolute zero is a scientific term that is defined as the absence of all heat. Scientists strive to create absolute zero conditions in the laboratory so they can study the effect, or impact, on the ordinary laws of physics. Interestingly, what they have found is that the ordinary laws of physics tend to break down, and things tend to start getting smeared together. I do not doubt that many future, beneficial discoveries will come from this ‘absolute zero’ research. However, right now, we can benefit by taking this absolute zero process, and extending it to think about the human learning and creative process.

Before we go a little farther, I want to add a few more illustrations. When I was in graduate school, I remember reading about a scientist who had been studying his advanced field for many years. One day, it dawned on him. He realized

14 Tips for Marketing Your Music With a Podcast

1. Submit your music to various publishers: go and find some shows that feature your style of music on iTunes and contact the content producers. Ask them if they’d be interested in featuring your music.

2. Start your own show: start your own podcast. Play song segments off of your album. Offer sneak-peaks into new projects. Play acoustic versions of electric tracks. Commentate over your entire album. Share highlights from your live show.

3. Share stories: stories are powerful. If you have any bizarre, unique, fun or heartbreaking stories to tell (which you probably do), share them on your show.

4. Get listed in iTunes: podcasts are generally distributed by and downloaded via the iTunes store. Make sure to do everything you can to get listed in iTunes. It’s not hard as long as your feed is set up correctly.

5. Join the Blubrry Podcast Community: Blubrry will keep track of your download stats. You can also find paid opportunities like sponsorships and affiliates within the community.

6. Upload your shows to SoundCloud: if you want to distribute you content to places other than iTunes, uploading your shows to audio sharing sites

How to Improve Singing With Two Fundamental Vocal Exercises

Vocal training exercises are essential to helping beginning and professional vocalist alike assess their voices and ascertain how they need to improve and expand their voice. There are many vocal exercises you can use to assess the current state of your singing voice- but there are two fundamental exercises that all beginners should practice to assess their voices and learn the bounds of their vocal abilities. If you are unable to practice these vocal exercises correctly, then you will be unable to translate any other vocal exercise into your singing abilities successfully.

The first vocal exercise could be called the “ing” exercise. This is because the exercise is performed while producing this “ing” sound. This sound is the same sound that you would hear if you were to sing or say the last three letters in the word “singing.” The “ing” sound should feel as though it is being produced in the back of your throat with the back of your tongue pressed against the top of your soft palate. You will feel the sound resonate up into your sinus cavity and create a soft “buzzing” sound throughout your face. The “buzzing” should not be overwhelming,

Where to Download Music Online Tips and Tricks

People are taking advantage of the availability of music online, especially because downloading takes away the toil of having to scour music stores to find a copy. When people know where to download music online, they do not have to worry if they would be getting a copy compared to having to battle it out in a CD store. Music download sites are becoming popular nowadays, and there are just too many to choose from. However, you should know that these download sites are not made equal.

Where to Download Music Online: Should I Buy Music?

You may notice that there are sites where you have to purchase music, but some would offer tracks free of charge. While the choice is very obvious, it is still best to purchase music because it guarantees you that you are getting a clean copy. That means that the copies that you are getting are not watermarked and your IP address would not be flagged for copyright infringement. However, make sure that you know where to download music online that would offer you the best deal for your money. Some sites are selling tracks for lesser price, and some

Hip Hop, Homosexuality And Homophobia

It’s been a pretty big year for homosexuality in the hip hop community the past two years. From Frank Ocean coming out (sort of) as a bi-sexual, to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ “Same Love” being one of the biggest songs in the country; shooting up to top five in the Pop, Hip Hop and Rap charts.

But it’s not just the music that is making a splash, let alone I song that I didn’t think would get play on the radio, but the hip hop community as whole is seeing a shift in attitude toward homosexuality.

From A$AP Rocky’s change of heart, “I don’t discriminate against anybody for their sexual preference, for their skin color… that’s immature.”

To Jay-Z stance, “What people do in their own homes is their business, and you can choose to love whoever you love.”

Even Eminem, someone notorious for his homophobic lyrics has come out in support for gay marriage, “If two people love each other, then what the hell? I think that everyone should have the chance to be equally miserable, if they want.”

But lets not forget that Em actually performed with Elton John at